EteSync 2.0 is finally ready, and you should now upgrade your account!

EteSync 2.0 accounts are completely separate to EteSync 1.0, and the migration process will automatically create a new 2.0 account for you, and if relevant link the billing of both of the accounts.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with the migration, please come and chat with us.

Main changes

Quite a bit changed between 1.0 and 2.0 under the hood, but the most significant changes that are relevant to this document are:

  1. EteSync 2.0 uses usernames for identification (rather than emails previously), so you will need to choose a new username. Usernames should be at least 6 characters long. Shorter usernames will probably be allowed in the future.
  2. EteSync 2.0 has just one password that's used for both the encryption, and the login. It uses a zero-knowledge proof to authenticate to the server making sure your password never leaves your device. This makes it more secure than before but much easier to use. Please make sure to keep it safe and don't lose it, as without it you won't be able to access your data!
  3. The change log (previously change journal) used to show all of the changes in one long list. Changes are now grouped per item with only the latest changed shown. To show previous changes you need to click on an item and check the past revisions.
  4. Invitations UI is a bit different, and there's now a special page for accepting or rejecting invitations, and it's now also easier to leave collections you've been invited for.
  5. "Journal" has now been renamed to "Collection", which is a more accurate term and people find it less confusing.
  6. The account dashboard can now be accessed using any of the apps without needing a password.
  7. The address of the web client has changed and is now at

So please, make sure to keep your password safe, as it can't be recovered if lost!

Running the migration

The migration process will also keep your EteSync 1.0 intact so you can make sure everything was copied over correctly, and also revert back to 1.0 if any issues arise.

Migration tools:

  • Web migration tool - use the web migration tool as part of the old web client.
  • Android - open the EteSync Android app, click on your EteSync 1.0 account, and then click on the top-right menu and click "EteSync 2.0 Migration".

You will then be prompted to either signup for a new EteSync 2.0 account (which will create a new account) or login to an existing ones. Please choose "Login" if you already created a 2.0 account because, for example you helped testing EteSync 2.0 or are using EteSync Notes.

After that you will need to choose the collections to copy over. The migration will also migrate the whole change history, so no information will be lost.

However, due to the difference in how EteSync 1.0 and EteSync 2.0 work, collection membership (sharing) information will not be copied over. So please make sure to invite members to your collection after the migration completes.

Once done, please make sure to logout of your EteSync 1.0 account and login to your EteSync 2.0 account in all of the apps. If you are using the DAV bridge, please also add your new EteSync 2.0 account to the bridge, and switch to it in the apps.


If you are self-hosting EteSync, please take a look at the server upgrade notes for instructions.

Closing words

We would like to take this opportunity to thank again the hundreds of users who helped us test EteSync 2.0 for the few months leading to the release. Thanks to you EteSync 2.0 is as stable as it is today. Thank you!

If you have any questions, or need any assistance with the migration, please come and chat with us.